Beginning Point Meditation DVD

Center Point Meditation DVD

Still Point Meditation DVD




The Beginning Point DVD

In the Beginning Point DVD, you will learn simple breathing techniques and movements that work immediately to reduce stress and promote a sense of relaxation. Click here to learn more.

The Centering Point DVD

In the Centering Point DVD, you will learn simple, fluid movements, similar to Tai Chi, designed to improve flexibility, increase energy and relax the mind. Click here to learn more.

The Still Point DVD

In the Still Point DVD, you will learn a series of simple movements, similar to Tai Chi, that can be used individually or in combination. These movements are a gentle form of exercise designed to improve flexibility, enhance mental focus, increase energy and awaken a sense of inner peace. Click here to learn more.

A labor of love such as this is not the sole manifestation of one person.

In life, as well as in the creation of this DVD, I have been assisted by countless people, in infinite ways. Their collective wisdom, encouragement and humor has helped make this dream a reality. I am sincerely grateful and deeply humbled by their generosity.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge YOU for choosing to explore what is POSSIBLE.

May you find infinite JOY in the adventure of LIFE.

~ Cam Vuksinich
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These techniques can be safely modified and are beneficial for ALL ages and fitness levels.


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