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The Still Point DVD
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Lightening! Like a lightening bolt piercing my awareness! It was shocking. It was instantaneous. And I couldn't deny that it happened. But why? Why me? Why now?......

It started out as a simple walk in the park on a sultry, summer day. Dogs barking, the sun reflecting off of the moist leaves. Nothing unusual.... happened. In one moment, an entire series of movements dropped into my mind. It was as if I was in an audience watching it performed on stage; while at the same time I was on stage performing it. It made no sense and it made perfect sense. I knew in that moment that I needed to teach this. That I needed to share this experience.

Still POINT captures that moment in the park. It gives you the opportunity to learn the movements as they were presented to me. They are magic. They are fluid. They are timeless.

Enjoy them individually or combine them. Let the mystical power of these simple movements inspire and surprise you.

The Still Point is a series of movement patterns that are similar to Tai Chi or Qi Gong. These movements can be modified for different ages and fitness levels. Each individual pattern is taught in simple, easy to follow steps. They can be seamlessly linked or performed individually. Patterns may include easy reaching, rotating or sweeping movements. These healing movements can also be included in any existing Exercise or Body Meditation program you might currently practice.


These techniques can be safely modified and are beneficial for ALL ages and fitness levels.


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