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The Centering Point DVD
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Magic!! It's Magic. Those were my first thoughts. Can it be as simple as this quote suggests:
"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen". -Goethe

These movements have ancient roots. Thousands of years of wisdom combined in these simple exercises. When these movements connect with your aspirations, you have a formula for success. They awaken the possibility of improved health. They stimulate potential for greater well being.

Notice the experience. Feel the shifts. Tap into the magic inside of you and give life to your dreams.

"Follow your dreams; for as you dream you shall become."

The Centering Point is a series of movement patterns that are similar to Yoga. These movements can be modified to fit all fitness levels and all ages.  Each simple pattern can be linked to another or they can be performed individually. These movements involve upper body movements and can be performed standing or sitting. If you can wave hello to someone, you can do these healing exercises.


These techniques can be safely modified and are beneficial for ALL ages and fitness levels.


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